Road Wars Team

Paul English, Founder

Paul is also the CTO/Cofounder of KAYAK, and also teaches entrepreneurship at MIT Sloan. Paul's inspiration for Road Wars was around teaching his two teenagers to drive. He also appreciates that Road Wars helps him avoid speeding tickets. To contact Paul, send email to

Bob Rainis, iOS coder

Bob has been coding iPhone apps for a few years now, but finally his teens are able to use one of his apps every day -- Road Wars. This game has made Bob a more chill driver. Really. Before Road Wars, Bob's last project was an app called RoadAhead.

Christian Allen, Server Architect

Christian is also the CEO of gethuman, the leading website for when you really need to get to a human at any company. He is also a very competitive Road Warrior.

Justin Miranda, Server Coder

Justin is also a coder for Partners In Health, where he develops a supply chain management system for developing countries. See for more info.

Molly McGuirk, Graphic Designer

Molly is a top freelance design consultant in New York, and also does design for Flying Kites, a home for children in rural Kenya.

Francis Garcia, Sound Design & Startup Music

Shout It Out Loud Music's Creative Director, Francis Garcia, spent high school cruising the suburbs in a '79 Ford Mustang. As an adult, Francis and his New York City-based team spend their time more productively, creating soundtracks for major brands, television, film and interactive projects such as "Road Wars".

Michelle Kratchman, Animation Designer

Michelle's day job is leading animation projects for a little company called Nickelodeon, but we hope her Road Wars startup animation is what makes her famous.